Raphaël Millet
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Mithril x Tramscribe: Confidential LLMs for medical voice notes analysis

How we partnered with Tramscribe to leverage LLMs deal with Medical voice notes analysis

Ophélie Surcouf
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Mithril Security Raised €1.2 Million to Protect LLM Users' Data

With BlindBox, you can use Large Language Models without any intermediary or model owner seeing the data sent to the models. This type of solution is critical today, as the newfound ease-of-use of generative AI (GPT4, MidJourney, GitHub Copilot…) is already revolutionizing the tech industry.

Daniel Huynh
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Announcing BlindBox, a secure infrastructure tooling to deploy LLMs, available on Confidential containers on Azure Container Instances

We are excited to introduce BlindBox, our latest open-source solution designed to enhance SaaS deployment security. Our tooling enables developers to wrap any Docker image with isolation layers and deploy them inside Confidential Containers.