This Is Mithril Security

This Is Mithril Security

A small presentation of our project and team

Daniel Huynh

We have finally decided to get started with our own blog! We could have spent hours thinking of what to write in our first blog article. But let’s get straight to it, at Mithril, we like to get straight to the point.

From 2 to 18 passionate people, Mithril’s team has continuously been evolving. But, since the beginning, our goal has remained the same, democratize Confidential Computing to enable any data scientist to fully unlock the value of AI, even with sensitive and regulated data.

We’ve come a long way since the beginning when we worked from home. We currently have offices at Station F in Paris and are accelerated by Berkeley SkyDeck’s accelerator. We are now on the verge of 2 exciting events that will most probably become turning points for Mithril.

  • First we will open-source next week our solution, BlindAI, a Confidential AI inference solution, enabling the deployment of state-of-the-art models with confidentiality. We believe the Open-source approach is the best to achieve our mission, and we hope you will enjoy our work.
  • Second, we will launch our first webinar at the Sorbonne Centre for AI on the theme “How to reconcile privacy and AI with Confidential Computing.” We will be happy to meet you there, and if you haven’t, register here!

We’ll see you very soon with more articles on very diverse topics on how to make AI more privacy-friendly, so don’t hesitate to subscribe if you’re interested, and stay tuned for more!